Winner of Canada’s most prestigious innovation award 2013 Ernest C. Manning Innovation Award

Zafety Flange Locks™

Zafety Flange Locks™ were developed to assist in the securing of nuts on flanges for any type of pipeline or pipe installation requiring the flanges to be connected using a nut and bolt system. Zafety Flange Locks™ are installed over two adjacent nuts, creating resistance between the nuts to minimize their ability to rotate and prevent them from loosening and allowing the flange ends to become separated. Reducing the risk of flange connection leakage.

Zafety Flange Locks™

  1. highly visible
  2. easy to install and remove
  3. inexpensive
  4. reusable
  5. available in many sizes and colours
  6. custom units available
  7. design-engineered plastic units developed for use in all types of weather and temperature conditions - see Product Development and Independent Lab Tests

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